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Compactors and Balers

Commercial garbage compactor by IV WasteWhen your business generates a lot of waste, it can get costly to haul away! Larger containers or multiple containers, and higher frequency pickups can become costly for some businesses. Using a commercial garbage compactor helps to reduce costs by reducing the size of your waste. This ultimately requires fewer pickups and is easier for businesses to handle.

Commercial garbage compactors and balers work by subjecting the businesses waste to a considerable amount of pressure via an internal press. This reduces the volume of the waste to be hauled away. Commercial garbage compactors and balers can be used for food waste, most metals, and plastics making this option available for most high volume businesses.

IV Waste offers commercial garbage compactors for many different businesses in New Orleans. This waste disposal tool is suitable for the following business types:

  • School campuses
  • Health care facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Retail chain storesĀ and convenience stores

Like our front load containers, our commercial garbage compactors and balers are built to keep your business cleaner by reducing leaks and preventing rodent access. When the waste is compressed and held in an airtight container, there is little odor too!

At IV Waste we provide many options for commercial garbage compactors and balers. Our offerings can work for businesses of many sizes with containers ranging from just two to 40 cubic yards.

We guarantee that our commercial garbage compactor and baler:

  • Will be cleaned monthly.
  • Weekly pickup with geo-tracked trucks.
  • Container service and repair within one day when needed.
  • The best customer service in New Orleans.

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