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Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief by IV Waste

Hurricane Dorian Relief Fund

On August 29, 2005, Louisiana’s St. Bernard Parish was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. The storm damaged virtually every structure in the area, including the levees. With the levees broken flooding damaged most buildings, smashing homes, or washing them off their foundations. We stepped in as SDT Inc. to provide much-needed disaster relief services including housing, potable water, food, and waste removal while the community rebuilt.

IV Waste helps to ease the transition when devastating natural disasters call for a huge cleanup effort. After the disaster hits, we can be there with the necessities you need to live and work until local services are up and running. This includes essentials like clean water to drink, catered food, mobile homes, and generators. With the help of SDT Inc. St. Bernard Parish was able to regroup with the tools they needed to come back after Hurricane Katrina.

IV Waste provides disaster relief services on a case by case basis. Our disaster relief services include:

  • Site and prep-work prior to set up of trailer compound.
  • The purchase and installation of all mobile homes and office trailers.
  • Installation of all plumbing and electrical work required.
  • Provision of generators and fuel for generators.
  • A steady supply of potable water.
  • Twice daily sewerage pumping.
  • Hired security.
  • Large tents for food commissary as well as equipment/supplies storage.
  • Catering through local or out of state company, until a local company is up and working.
  • Laundry trailers with washers and dryers.
  • Trash dumpsters.
  • Trash removal services.

For more information on our disaster relief services, please contact us.

Our experience gained during Hurricane Katrina proved to us just how necessary our disaster relief services can really be. Learn more about the history of SDT Inc. and our services during the Hurricane Katrina clean up.

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