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IV Waste is Proud to have the Opportunity to Service Kenner

I am proud to have the opportunity to service Kenner, the largest city in Jefferson Parish.I was contacted a couple of…

Posted by Sidney Torres on Thursday, March 5, 2020

I am proud to have the opportunity to service Kenner, the largest city in Jefferson Parish.

I was contacted a couple of weeks ago by Mayor Ben Zahn. The mayor explained to me his frustration and concerns regarding the city’s status with its waste management contractor. The mayor believed agreements made between his administration and the contractor were not being honored.

The mayor informed me that he was mostly concerned that his constituents would get the short end of the stick if he did not stand firm to gain the contract points that he already shared with many civic leaders, constituents and business owners. Mayor Zahn emphatically noted to me that the negotiations he had made on behalf of the people he served were not negotiable.

He asked if I would consider discussing how IV Waste could service Kenner under his directives which included uniform containers, more prompt service, more complete pickups, promoting and protecting recycling and restoring Kenner to cleanliness immediately after major events like the most recent carnival parade. I invited the mayor to tour our facility. I shared with him our policies and procedures. I made it clear to the mayor that I am aggressively pursuing new opportunities as I build IV Waste to the same success of SDT.

We negotiated quickly and to the benefit of the city, and in a non-exclusive agreement, the mayor agreed to allow IV Waste to show what it could do for Kenner. I can assure the people of Kenner that they will experience sterling service and more dedicated workforce under the contract between Kenner and IV Waste.

Just as we impressed the people of the French Quarter, we will impress the people of Kenner. We see Kenner as an opportunity for us to showcase our differences in the waste management business.

Please come out tonight and support the change

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