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We sincerely thank everyone for the outpour of support in our Relief Fund efforts for Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas. We’ve received an impressive amount of food and medical supply donations, so our focus now is getting the much needed items into the hands of the people most affected.

It costs $6000 for a round trip cargo plane to deliver the much-needed medical supplies, food, and clothing to the Bahamas. There are currently over 20,000 homeless individuals, which is completely devastating, as New Orleans residents know all too well.

How To Help

Use the Donate button to send funds for ground and air support or get in touch if you have trouble completing the transaction.

As we see opportunities to serve the people of the Bahamas, we often look for volunteers to help in our warehouse. Take a look at our social media for more information (links below).

Our Partners

The Government of The Bahamas

Ministry of Health

The United Way

Current Efforts


Moving forward multiple DC 3 cargo planes will be flying into airports throughout the devastated areas dropping off 20,000 pre-packaged meals that will feed a family of 4 for 4 days.

The boxes will contain the appropriate nutritional needs, based on a plan designed by the US Government for Puerto Rico in 2017.

These meal boxes are the most efficient way to distribute food during disasters like these because they do not require any further sorting and can be immediately distributed directly into the hands of people in need.

Medical Supplies

Emergency medical supplies are being assembled on pallets to create a mobile emergency room that is portable and can be set up outdoors or wherever needed. This facility will be critical for the medical care of the Bahamian people in need of treatment.

These pallets are a proven design, read yo serve up to 2500 people with emergency medical services.

The products consist of IV bags, Ibuprofen, antibiotics, insulin, as well all the other crucial medical supplies any emergency room would have.

IV Bahamas LTD is owed by Sidney Torres, who developed The Cove, and has offered his resources and experience to partner with the Bahamian Government to ensure the people get immediate help.

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