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Hurricane Katrina

On August 29, 2005, St. Bernard was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. The storm damaged virtually every structure in the parish. The eye of Katrina passed over the eastern portion of the parish, pushing a 25-foot storm surge into the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet (“MRGO”). This surge destroyed the parish levees. Almost the entire parish was flooded, with most areas left with between 5 and 15 feet of standing water. The water rose suddenly and violently, during a period which witnesses reported as no more than fifteen minutes. In many areas, houses were smashed or washed off their foundations by a storm surge higher than the roofs.

SDT Inc. purchased and installed all mobile homes and offices trailers and the required site preparation work for the compound along with monthly services of the potable water, generators, fuel for generators, and waste removal for the temporary housing and administration for the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Office in Chalmette, Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. The compound consisted of three sites with residential and office trailers, a cafeteria and area for the Sheriff’s Operations. This site provided living quarters and food services for employees and their families. The cafeteria provided food services for not only for the employees and their families but also for other government and contract employees. The cafeteria serviced around 2,500 people per day.

SDT Inc. was responsible for installing temporary power with distribution panels, generators and backup generators, sewer connections and lines to sewer lift stations and water connections and lines to and from trailers from potable water holding tanks, steps and porches on all trailers, cafeteria with equipment, waste receptacles and removal of waste and fencing around the compound. The ongoing monthly services provided included delivering 1.5 million gallons of potable water, removal of 1 million pounds of trash and maintenance of the site. The compound was in operations for almost two years.

SDT, Inc. was organized on August 4, 1997.  SDT, Inc. was formed for the purpose of real estate development.  Prior to Hurricane Katrina, the Company was engaged in the business of supervising construction and renovations of residential and commercial real estate projects, including hotel projects, which business the Company still maintains today.  When Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans and the surrounding Parishes, SDT, Inc. shifted its focus to providing disaster relief services, including assisting municipalities with temporary housing and solid waste and debris removal. SDT, Inc. was on the ground and responding immediately to Hurricane Katrina’s clean up and relief efforts for the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s office by providing temporary housing, power, and waste management services to the entire department.  Sidney D. Torres, IV is the sole owner and President of SDT, Inc. Mr. Torres started operations of IV Waste, L.L.C. in August 2016 and owns IV Torres, L.L.C. which are sister companies/affiliates of SDT, Inc. IV Torres owns all of the equipment used in the operations of SDT Inc. and IV Waste, L.L.C. and holds a State Contractor’s license in Louisiana.

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