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About Us

IV Waste is the premier provider of commercial waste solutions in the Greater New Orleans area. Since August 2016 we have been providing our customers with the affordable, timely, excellent waste solutions they require. IV Waste is owned by Sidney D. Torres IV, and is Torres’ second waste solution venture.

Torres started SDT Waste and Debris services in 2006 and sold the business in 2011. Due to overwhelming requests from his former clientele, Torres got back into the waste solutions business with IV Waste. When he heard of complaints of missed pickups, dirty cans, broken lids that lead to rodent issues, and poor customer service, he knew that he had to come back and provide much needed reliable waste solutions. After five years away, Torres is intent on having the best customer service possible.

“We are happy and eager to provide the five star service that we did in the past once again. My team consists of some of my best original employees from ten years ago. We will have all new trucks, equipment, and our signature lemon scent: ‘Super Fresh’. Accountability and transparency will be available for all of our customers through our technology and GPS tracking ready on each truck. Every customer will have a unique geocode that allows us to know exactly when the truck makes the pickup or when the truck will be at the location. We pride ourselves on using technology to make us accountable for delivering the highest level of service.” – Sidney D. Torres IV.

We know just how important timely, price efficient service truly can be! Since returning to the waste solutions industry, 85% of our former clientele have returned to us. We also offer contract buyout opportunities if you’re currently stuck in a waste collection contract that doesn’t work for your business. For no extra cost to you, we will pay the cancellation fee on your current contract when you start a contract with IV Waste.

At IV Waste we guarantee:

  • Timely service.
  • Will not leave stops down.
  • Cans cleaned monthly.
  • Same day service and repairs.
  • Better service at a lower cost.

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